Sexual harassment is an offence, sure. It’s time we do something about emotional exploitation too!

If only you could see through the veil of masquerade behind which I hide all the feelings that you don’t want to acknowledge..

The other day, our reporting manager asked me to attend the workshop on prevention of sexual harassment at workplace or else it will affect my TVP in the coming appraisal, he said.

As much as I wanted to hit him with my own set of questions, I just shrugged at his lack of awareness and secretly wished for the likes of him to declare themselves non-compete when it comes to the understanding of human psychology.

Everyone discusses sexual harassment but nobody ever talks about emotional harassment. Why is there no such mechanism to address the concerns of the ones who have been exploited on the emotional front? Why does it always have to be about our physical well being? Why is it that nobody ever cares enough to address the emotional needs of a person?

What if someone exploits you emotionally? Is there a machinery in place to get you out of the dungeons of uncertainty? What do you do when the fear of the unknown engulfs you completely and you lose all control over your senses? Is there any provision for the first aid that can heal the wounds that aren’t visible to anyone but you?

How do you give your 100% at work when all you can think of is a 1000 ways to get rid of your restless thoughts?

Can the damage of fucking up someone’s emotional state and leaving them vulnerable at every step along the way, ever be undone?


An ode to my mother

When the dark fumes of jealousy had blinded my vision, it was her who looked at me straight in the eye to remind me that I am just as human as everyone else and that someday, everything will be alright.

When moments were slipping from my memory and I was on the verge of losing opportunities, it was her who held the scattered pieces of my broken being together and gave me a new lease of life.

When my dreams were lost in the dungeons of time, It was her who held my hand and gave me the searchlight.

It was her, my mother, who embraced her imperfect child even as she reminded her that our flaws are what eventually make us wise.

It was her, my mother, who stood by me in every stride and never forgot to make me see the brighter side.

What happened to that guy?

What happened to the boy who held my hand and caressed it 24 hours after he hit me in the arm just for fun?

What happened to the guy who promised me that he will make everything alright for me no matter what!

What happened to the guy who always used to call me at every odd hour in the night to share his darkest secrets and deepest fears?

What happened to that guy who made me laugh each time I was crying because of my forsaken past?

Where has he disappeared?

I have been looking for this guy ever since he broke my heart and crushed it into a million pieces and yet never felt sorry one bit.

So, if you ever happen to find that guy, tell him that I said Hi!

Tell him that I will be waiting for him on the other side of the aisle, so that he too will know someday what it is like to die while you are still alive.

It was EVERYTHING then. It is NOTHING now. And, I wonder….

I wonder if you will ever know about the forgotten copy of your visiting card adorning the pocket inside my cellphone cover!

I wonder if you will ever see the disappointment behind the cups of brewed coffee still lying unattended inside the refrigerator.

I wonder if you will ever go on a roundabout trip of the feelings you always failed to acknowledge thinking those were never meant to last.

I wonder if you will ever think about the repercussions of your actions and the consequences of your inactions for people who who actually did open their heart(s).

I wonder if you will ever find enough time to think in retrospect that you might have wronged someone so bad that the person in question literally chose to give up on her life instead.

I wonder if you would ever want to go back in the past and learn lessons from it to make the desired corrections for a better future.

I wonder if you will ever regret pushing away someone who loved you with all she had.

It’s funny yet astonishing how we relate our feelings with objects of importance and how we choose to describe our emotions through metaphors.

How each time I see you wearing that silver bangle makes me wonder how you would look in that rugged wrist watch I dared to gift you on your birthday.

How each phone conversation of ours still rings a bell in my ears.

How each time someone mentions hills and mountains, I still think of you and how that very thought leaves my heart in despair.

How I still imagine you doing things as per your routine each time you work in the night shifts,

And, how each one of those nights reminds me of the smile that now seems to be missing from my lips.

How I still check my phone at 5:45 in the morning, secretly hoping for you to give me a wake up call,

And how each one of those moments – when I choose to be in denial of reality – makes it a matter of life and death for me to move on!

The not-so-good food at the American Diner, our little tryst at the India Habitat Center and our shared willingness to stay in denial of our feelings..

As much as my expressions made it obvious for you that I didn’t like the food at the American Diner, I wish you could see deeper through things, back then.

If only you could feel the goosebumps I got when you gave me that warm massage on the neck. I wish you could feel the restlessness that grew inside me with your fingers so flawlessly gliding on my skin.

I wish you could hear my heart pounding like it would never get a chance to beat again EVER in this life – each time you leaned towards me – to land a kiss or two on my cheeks.

I wish you could smell the aroma of youth inside me bursting at seams each time you made me realize why I am so much inclined towards sapiosexuality.

I wish you could taste the happiness I felt each time your presence made me a little less afraid and a little more confident.

I wish I had a Pandora box in which, may be, I could save all those precious moments.

I wish I could just keep you with me, despite all that has happened.

When I realized what True Love is…

You see what your mind games have done to me?

You see how your absence has left my mind to decay at its own peril.

Who would have imagined days like these?

Not me atleast.

When all the four other members of my family had encircled me to comfort me in all the ways they could.

When my younger sister clenched my hand so tight so that I at least stayed physically intact during all those mental breakdowns.

How my mother held me closer to her chest each time I fell from the rollercoaster of emotions.

How my father made sure that he was always there to listen to me even when I had literally nothing to say to him.

How my younger brother, who always looked up to me as an idol sister, was getting farther away from me each time I denied him my company for things he specifically wanted to do with me.

How all of my family members have forgotten to keep their interests above my well-being, given my frequent outbursts during each of my visit.

You want to know what keeps me sane during those days when my insane mind cries for help ?

It is those long-comforting conversations with my mom during those phone calls that I never really intend to receive in the first instance.

Still, she never gives up on me.

No matter how much I try to not acknowledge her existence.

She is a relentless caller and never ceases to make me feel her presence.

Her words just don’t heal my ailing mind, but they ring a bell in my heart.

Her selfless concern and consistency in endeavors is what makes me want to live – for her.

All these years I cried for a love I never had. I kept yearning for something I always thought was mine. I kept searching for true love in this disgraceful world and I never really looked inside.

And now when I see those two gems putting in their everything to save me from myself, I realize I was looking for love at all the wrong places in the world.

You want to know what true love is?

It’s what those two shower me with, without expecting anything in return.

It is my mother calling me every hour of the day without fail even though I snapped at her for doing the same thing the previous day.

You want to know how emotional connections work?

It is my father’s eyes filled with tears as he feels helpless seeing his daughter falling apart.

You want to know what is it, that despite all the grudges, beatings and foul exchange of words, is never lost?

It is my little sister’s companionship. It is her midnight text messages that come from nowhere to remind me that no matter what, there’s still one person on this Earth who will always be there for me.

You always told me I should love my parents the most. I should care for them like I would NEVER get a chance to do it for anybody else. That I should respect them as I would expect people to respect me. You were right all along but I never really paid heed to your words.

And, now I know I have wronged them at every step along the way.

Someday, when I will be sane, I will try to be a good person again.

That night, when I felt a little less lonely…

If only I had a time machine, I would have stopped the clock that night.

That one night the memories of which still do not let me sleep.

That night the flashes of which still make me hallucinate during the day.

That one night which changed everything for us and everything between us.

That night when I found myself the happiest even though for those few moments.

That night when I could relive the feeling of being caressed.

That night when I couldn’t feel the difference between your breath and mine.

That night when you lifted me up in your arms even though for a little while.

That night when my heart literally felt as light as a feather that could easily fly.

That night when my mind once again dared to dream about touching the sky.

That night when your lips tasted sweeter than the nutella waffles I had ordered for the both of us.

That night when I could easily get past the breathlessness I felt each time your tongue went on exploration that made me blush.

That night when your resistance lost to mine in a challenge of sorts wherein the subtle moans somehow managed to find a way out of my mouth.

That night when those big, beautiful eyes of yours appeared more mysterious than the stars you always talked about.

That night when resting my head on your shoulders made me realize what is the most beautiful feeling in the world.

That night when the passion of our youth gave both of us an unforgettable adrenaline rush.

That night when my hand gestures made you sigh: “I will get carried away..”

That night when deep down inside, I was hoping for you to “stay that way”.

That night when I shared the darkest secrets of my life with you – the ones I always thought will go with me to my grave.

That night when doing those childish stuff with you, I felt what it is like to be a kiddo again.

That night when the warmth of love was the only thing floating beneath the white sheets we were wrapped in.

That night when I thought to myself: “There’s someone out there who is equally good at French-kissing.”

That night when you fell asleep with that calm look on your face.

That night when the only thing I hoped for was to not let that peace from your life ever go away.

That night when after so many years, I felt a little less lonely.

That night when I wished I had met you early.

That night which will always remind me of the girl I thought I could never be.

That night the moments from which will always be my most cherished memory.