Someday, all this will fade away

Someday, all this will fade away.

The anxiety that plays hide and seek with you at every odd hour of the day.

The bulimia nervosa which always coaxes you into thinking that cocoa and sugar combine is the best escape.

The soundless cries for help, that are more often than not, accompanied by the thoughts poisonous enough to intoxicate your entire existence.

The endless hours of tears falling from your eyes for no apparent reason at all.

The emotional outbursts that are mostly triggered by the fumes of jealousy engulfing your soul from within.

The never ending process of resurrection each time your soul dies a little.

The countless wakes you have held in your mind palace to commemorate all that is there to cherish in your otherwise empty life.

The constant struggle of trying to be good enough – not just for the world to acknowledge your presence, but for yourself.

Someday, there will be an end to this fight between your heart and mind.

And on that day, It won’t matter who won this tug of war because in this battle of hearts, the stakes have always been high.

Someday, everything will make sense – the smudged Kohl around your swollen eyes, the puffs of smoke filling up the air amid dimmed lights, tirelessly waiting for replies on those dark & long nights, all those clichés you despised and how they made you sigh!

Someday, you will stop wearing emotions at your sleeve and giving into your vulnerabilities.

Someday, your charred soul will start shedding the ashes of your dreams and only hope will reside on the periphery of your skin.

Someday, you will forgive yourself for squeezing your heart out of love.

Someday, your conscience will finally be at peace with itself for torturing your mind to an extent that you wanted to kiss death at last.

Someday, you will realize why they say “past is in the past”.

Someday, you will learn to let go of the hurt and embrace the pain as if it were the only thing that ever mattered.


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