A note of remembrance…

A note of remembrance, on realizing what I had been missing the 
most.. once more you took over all the other thoughts.. once more 
i realized how lucky i was.. coz this time i missed you a little 
more than i could ever think of..


I miss you so much coconut!

I miss the feeling of being understood without even having to say a word..

Come to me, sing that comforting song with those soothing beats,

I am all here by myself, everything without you seems so lonely..

Come again, rescue me from these tortures that are making me insane,

Save me from falling prey to their big conspired game,

They are all witches, that don’t miss a single chance to suck every drop of my blood,

They like it that way, when their bitching and back biting makes me feel short of breath.

What do I do? Where do I go?

Is there an escape route, when you dwell among the characters none less than the vamps of the daily soaps?

You are not here with me, How should I move on?

Show me a way to get rid of these negative vibes all around,

Come and save me before i hit myself hard on the ground..

I have started to feel weak, I need you to hold my feet.

No, no, I don’t want to stoop low to their extent,

No I don’t want to lose my self-respect,

I miss your magical words that could take me out of the deepest dungeons in life,

I miss your caressing arms, enrolled in which, I used to forget all the troubles for a while,

More than everything, I miss the feeling of being my true self in this world,

Coz this, i know, that you knew the exact importance of being heard.

I miss u so much coconut, Come back and take me away from this living hell,

I want to lean on your shoulders and give some rest to my bugged up head,

I want to fly to an unknown place with you, and forget everything else,

I want to restart my life but I am not able to search a restart button for that,

Come once again, n lets fly to a Neverland, from where we never have to come back!

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On selling our story…

The only thing that I am great full for, is that, you walking 
away from me, helped me establish connection with the almighty 
in greater proximity. It brought me closer to the realization 
of my own nerves and senses, and what it is like to lead a 
life with an undying passion in your heart..

You always told me to focus on my self and my career aspects,

yes, I think I am gonna do that, but I am not sure from where to head?

Coz you never guided me for one most important thing, in all this time,

That how do we breathe, when our trachea is missing?

How do we eat, when there is no oesophagus?

How do you run, when your legs are broken?

How does your heart function, when it has holes in it?

How does your brain remain composed, when all the nerves inside are literally

screaming and bursting one after another?

How do you stay alive, when your Mind, body and Soul, are all paralysed?

You know that some people often come up to me, babbling out their valuable advises,

They keep on telling me that our story would be a big hit for the purpose of publication,

I just laugh at the idea, laugh until the tears roll down from my cheeks to my chin,

I then leave some room for mockery and turn away my face as if I am a stranger to them,

If the characters like us don’t last together by the end, then who on earth  would want to read those stupid romantic novels?

The idea, I thought is not that bad either, only if we could trade each others worth,

by seeing how much we could get in return,

if we were to sell our story to some publication?

Too vague it is, I know,

Just like I am leading my life on false hopes,

But, its okay! Just a matter of time,

You might as well, Lo and behold!

After all, who knows, if we might just end up earning big bucks,

for the publicity of a story that was full of twists and turns..

but, is it any day going to make us realize each other’s worth?

i guess, not at least in the imminent future.

i overheard someone saying that tragedy is the new hit in the market,

is it true that the life’s adversities make our stories interesting?

if only, this deal could ensure, that the characters in this story get to last together,

in the plot, then i am even ready to sell it off, absolutely free of cost!

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“Effective human communication” – a rare gem…

“We’re losing social skills, the human interaction skills, how to read a person’s mood, to read their body language, how to be patient until the moment is right to make or press a point. Too much exclusive use of electronic information dehumanize what is a very, very important part of community life and living together.”  – Vincent Nicholas.
The day is not far when the calls for the dinner table would be made through the social media networks and the death condolences would be flying through the electronic gadgets, that have become an inevitable part of the human life cycle. Parents are often seen complaining to the teachers,and work mates about their children being lost in the virtual world ecstasies and missing onto the actual life realities.
To break the monotony of the prolonged school lectures, the only rescue available at their disposal that provides them moments of blissful thrill is either their i-pads or their x-box or play stations. The essence of sharing some good serious face to face conversations, greeting your elders and mates by having direct dialogues and sharing stories of excitement and dismay, goes long missing in the present day scenario. The ability of listening beyond words is far vanishing for the domineering influence of technology has overtaken its place.
Often witnessed are the cases where the lack of such recreational activities and the ideas of being connected through the power of speech and expressions in different forms leaves the person insensitive to their elders feelings and concerns and unresponsive to the opportunities that might have changed their lives in an extra-ordinary manner.
The want of time is to let them discover their worth, by extracting their hidden potentialities and honing their life skills in a way that makes them reach the zenith while still sticking to their ground realities; by making them self-confident and at the same time, the ones mastering the art of time management; the one who leads through the persuasion and presentation skills and yet at the same time is equally efficient in maintaining good interpersonal relationships.
The hardest part, however, of any new beginning is the first step of initiative towards it. But once we start believing in the miraculous impact that process of transformation is likely to bring in our day-to-day existence, it sets us on the right track and gets us going. And that is when we get to witness that there is so much to learn from life, not just about ourselves, but also about the other people, the different facets of life and the environment.

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A note of gratitude…

In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.  –Martin Luther King, Jr.

Here is to a friend whom I got in touch with, sometime back..

Whom, I came to know, through an old friend..

So this friend of mine, is one of the most kind-hearted souls, that I have come across so far..

He graduated from IIMC, one of those places where I really wanted to be..

And I still remember the first convo we had, since it left a lasting impression on my psyche,

Even though it’s just for 7 months that I know him now, but seems like that was sufficient for the cause,

He would make you feel so special about yourself and then bring you back to where you have been ..

That’s one exceptional talent he possesses, which hardly any person would come to notice,

He would never step back to help you when you need him bad, that’s for sure, you bet?

He will be there for you till you literally stop feeling sad.. conspicuously, I still have that picture of the full moon he had sent,

Though he gave me mixed signals as to his preferences, I still took all of those lame excuses, coz somewhere, i guess, i quiet liked him..

I acted like a kiddo with him, Pugnacious at times and at the others, I turned out to be quiet demanding, probably coz I was actually comfortable talking to him,

He still used to protract those demands with such polite gestures, that I had no choice but to forgive him afterwards!

Coz how could i not melt, for that stupid (for him) hindi song he sang?

He has a girlfriend now, and it appears to me that he has finally found the love of his life!

I am happy for him, but also sad at the same time.. Coz the charm of the bond we shared is long vanishing,

He is a busy man now, trying to keep his relationship and work affairs in harmony,

the way we connected before, isn’t the same anymore.. But that’s okay. He has his someone special by his side, after all.

It gives me a sense of contentment knowing that he is doing pretty well in life, an unmatched joy, that he is happy by her side..

In the end, I just hope that he doesn’t forget his friend by chance, the one with whom, he once shared some deep serious conversations ,

I wish him all the luck for his future endeavors, and before I wind up, I  want him to know that he is one of his kind and should not change for any reason, or any person in life..

It’s not a farewell note though, as neither of us is moving any place, any time soon, but i still wish the very best, for a rare friend i found in you..!!

A tale of relentless hope and undying faith…

“There are times to stay put, and what you want will come to you, and there are times to go out into the world and find such a thing for yourself.”
Lemony Snicket, Horseradish

She couldn’t be any happier, realising that the person she loved the most was there for real..

Deep in her belief, she always knew that he would find his way back to her..

That her firm faith in the power of prayers would work wonders..

That, her only wish would come true..

That, she was to finally witness her miracle, soon!!

He always cursed her for being an imbecile stupid..

But in her world, she couldn’t understand those mature things..

May be he was the last thing she was so desperately passionate about..

Coz as for her, the love they shared, knew no bounds..

She could even declare herself deceased n make it look like a natural happening, without anyone having even the slightest of hint about it..

She was ready to give away her everything, just to ensure that she was forgiven by him..

Love is such a funny thing!

Makes us do things we could have never even imagined!

She was so deeply and madly in love with him that no matter how hard she tried,

every single time, she just couldn’t get away with her desire for him..

May be she couldn’t be a great keeper..

May be she did nothing extraordinary in her career..

But this was for sure that she wasn’t just another girl, who would give up hopes, just coz she had been witnessing her part of relationship nightmares..

And, she wasn’t there to prove a point or to win laurels.. But to learn the bitter fact, that life was never a bed of roses..

She was a fighter who knocked down her tough times and instead of ruining her life, she took a stand to win back her most prized possession, the one who could make her faintest of star shine..

Who says, there isn’t any such thing as *happily ever after*?

The extraordinary determination of an ordinary girl was to finally create wonders!

Only if we all could learn to be patient enough, while dealing with the adverse

circumstances, would we able to overcome the testing times..

only if we could all, understand how to channelize our energies in the desired direction, would we be able to live out our die-hard passions!!

The importance of maintaining good “inter-personal relationships”..

Fewer are the ones who get to spend their lives, surviving on their own, not caring about a thing in the world, and just remaining content with what they have in their store. But, not all of us are bestowed with such higher levels of self-reliance and emotional independence. Specially, in a country like India, which is largely characterized by the higher levels of emotional interdependence and family support, one can in no way, segregate himself from its core.
One of the basic requisites of sustaining a healthy life is the key to maintaining good relationships, be it at work place or be it at home. It is important because we all, at some or the other point of time, need that emotional support, when we are low; we all long for a back up, when we are just not at the best of ourselves. No one can stay aloof, for a longer time. The silence of the surroundings, the missing elements of the tacit understanding, all leave the person, depressed and fragile.

The person, no matter how many bag full of riches he earns, no matter how many laurels, he brings back with him, would still not be satisfied deep down inside, if he is the one, who has been left alone in this walk of life, with no one to care for him and no one, to whom he can look up to and express his set of feelings, as freely as he would want to.
After all, what is the worth of that happiness, when you have no one to share it with?
Even a child, on bagging the first prize in the recitation competition at school, runs up to his parents with that glowing happiness, anticipating that there is someone who will appreciate him for his efforts and who will always be there to encourage him for his future endeavours.
Even the toddlers, cry their heart out, in front of their mothers, believing that they would be heard, irrespective of their medium of communication or its end purpose.
A man, who just got the promotion at work or an additional incentive of salary hike, too, would either call his mother, or wife to share that essence of bliss, he must have been keeping inside.
It’s as simple as that, we all feel the need to be heard, while we struggle with a thousand conflicting thoughts inside our head; we all want to get appreciated, for our efforts, even if they are not the ones that ultimately let us taste the real success; we all feel the need of sharing our happiness and celebrating it with people other than ourselves; we all want to live in a notion that no mater how hard and adverse the situation gets, there will always be someone for us, to protect and to lend his helping hand.
These insecurities or fears, whatever you may call it, make it essential for us to maintain cordial relations with the people, who matter. Staying in harmony with people around us, is proven to have made, carrying on human chores, in an easy-going manner.

Hence, it is very important to ensure that, we maintain effective relationships, at every level, in all the stances, so as to lead a life with a sense of belongingness and a sense of security, which is deep-rooted within us. This is so, because the beauty of life is to give back, as much as you take from others. And there could be no greater sense of comfort than dwelling in the feeling of “togetherness”.

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