On selling our story…

The only thing that I am great full for, is that, you walking 
away from me, helped me establish connection with the almighty 
in greater proximity. It brought me closer to the realization 
of my own nerves and senses, and what it is like to lead a 
life with an undying passion in your heart..

You always told me to focus on my self and my career aspects,

yes, I think I am gonna do that, but I am not sure from where to head?

Coz you never guided me for one most important thing, in all this time,

That how do we breathe, when our trachea is missing?

How do we eat, when there is no oesophagus?

How do you run, when your legs are broken?

How does your heart function, when it has holes in it?

How does your brain remain composed, when all the nerves inside are literally

screaming and bursting one after another?

How do you stay alive, when your Mind, body and Soul, are all paralysed?

You know that some people often come up to me, babbling out their valuable advises,

They keep on telling me that our story would be a big hit for the purpose of publication,

I just laugh at the idea, laugh until the tears roll down from my cheeks to my chin,

I then leave some room for mockery and turn away my face as if I am a stranger to them,

If the characters like us don’t last together by the end, then who on earth  would want to read those stupid romantic novels?

The idea, I thought is not that bad either, only if we could trade each others worth,

by seeing how much we could get in return,

if we were to sell our story to some publication?

Too vague it is, I know,

Just like I am leading my life on false hopes,

But, its okay! Just a matter of time,

You might as well, Lo and behold!

After all, who knows, if we might just end up earning big bucks,

for the publicity of a story that was full of twists and turns..

but, is it any day going to make us realize each other’s worth?

i guess, not at least in the imminent future.

i overheard someone saying that tragedy is the new hit in the market,

is it true that the life’s adversities make our stories interesting?

if only, this deal could ensure, that the characters in this story get to last together,

in the plot, then i am even ready to sell it off, absolutely free of cost!

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