And all this wait, will never be in vain..

This is to tell you..
How old we have grown and how far we have come..

There was a time, when i was broken beyond repair, when you had left me in despair..

All alone, i have cried endless tears..

Then it took me almost six months to bring my lost self, back on track.. even when the memories of those times still replayed in a flash..

People now come up to me and tell me that i am a great girl.. They tell me that i am very lovable..

My fellow classmates text me saying that my life partner would be an extremely lucky man..
And you know what?
I just don’t believe them.
Coz, if that was the case,
Then i wouldn’t have to cope with these circumstances, all by myself.

Prioritizing our combined happiness, I lost my friends along the way.

Trying to make way, out of this maze, i lost all the reasons to remain gay.

But its my love for you that has kept me alive, still preserved for you, till date..

It’s my longingness for you that makes me stronger, with each passing day.

It’s a fire burning within my Soul, that lights up my mind, to realize those collective dreams; that keeps my passion ablazed..

And, i believe that someday, I will gather the courage to be happy again..

Someday in future, we would be able to rewrite our beautiful story and complete this fairytale..

For anything precious or worth having is worth all the wait !!


The relationship pyramid…

It's a "Fibonacci" style of poetry, wherein the word 
count remains stagnant for first time and then it
increases with subsequent lines, so as to ensure that 
the number of words in each line correspond to the 
number of row they are placed in, so as to give 
it an effect of a pyramid. Hope you all enjoy. 🙂



awful lies

losing ones trust

tolerance begins to fade away

what’s left in the end is just a heartache.

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